Iyam, Jalen, Leo, and Genecist make up the singing super group known as 4 B-Lo.

Initially gracing the music scene of Buffalo, N.Y. as an acapella group, the 4 crooners draw their influences from 90's R&B and classic R&B music they were exposed to by their parents.

This led to the creation of a sound that is deeply rooted in the desire to make long lasting quality music that moves the soul of the listener.

In their short time toghteher, 4 B-Lo has been featured on multiple radio shows, television and internet waves alike.  They have even garnered the interest and support of the legendary comedian Sinbad who personally invited them to perform in his stage act during his Buffalo, N.Y. appearance dates.

With larger opportunities on the horizon and an ever growing supportive fan base, you should ask yourself......... Are You Ready for 4B-Lo ?





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"None but ourselves can free our minds."

​                 -Bob Marley


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"I see my life in terms of Music"   -Albert Einstein